Friday, October 5, 2012

Super mom is back!!

Ok. Well. Christian is not 100%. But his fever is gone. But good news is this mommy is feeling better.

My bigs are done with their schools projects. Anthony had to make a 3D model of the atom Nickel. And Ally had to make a diagram of the parts of a flower but she couldn't draw it. We had to use scraps of things from around the house. Super proud of my kids and their imagination.

So now that the little one is almost better and school project are done I am able to catch up on the cleaning. Lots of catching up to do.

I am excited to start back on my exercise routines tonight. No matter how tired I am tonight I am doing at least one video no matter what. I am excited that even though i haven't done any kind of exercise routine I m down to 156 again!!! Yay. Now to keep it going. I am so happy to be back to my old self again. Ready to face any problem head on and still stay positive and get it done no matter what. Thank you to everyone who had messages me to motivate me and give me kind words to comfort me. It truly meant a lot. I have the greatest support system that many people can only dream of. Thank you. Now les get off our saggy rumps and do something!!!😝

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