Saturday, January 19, 2013

A little more motivation! And a homework challenge!

      Just as you may feel discouraged because you are not seeing the results you want week after week.  Doesn't mean that change is not happening.  For me when I look in the mirror I still feel like I look like the person on the left in the attached photos.  It is not until I put a photo of my now body next to it and realize how much my body has really changed.   For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook you have already seen my changes from the past year.  And I am still amazed how much my body has changed.  The same can happen for you.  Just stay at it.  Stop checking the scale everyday.  Limit it to every month or every 2 weeks.  I am trying not to judge too much from that number.  Because although the past 2 months I have not lost much in weight on a scale.  I noticed the change in inches on my body.  My clothes fitting looser.  Something as wonderful in realizing I can fit into a medium shirt again.

     So!  My homework challenge for you is to take that unbearable before photo that you really do not want to see.  You do not have to be bold and brave yet if you are not ready and post that photo for all to see.  But at least have it for your records.  So you can see your improvements!

    Take the photo in a sports bra and a pair of shorts for you ladies and you men just a pair of shorts and no shirt or a bathing suit.  If you really want to see what changes are happening.  It's easier to see that difference with less article of clothing.  I mean look at my hips!!!  Check out that muffin top on the left there.  Huge difference!  So are you up for my homework challenge!

The left was taken September 2012 weighing in at 169 pounds
and The right photo was taken yesterday January 18th 2013 weighing in at 150 pounds!


  1. I took my pictures yesterday! Im not as brave as you though, can't quite bring myself to post them yet. You look fantastic and I love being able to see your progress. I can't wait to have that after picture! :)

    1. That's so great Megan. I had another friend call and tell me she took her picture too!!! I recommend every 30 days and just wait to compare. Trust me change is happening!! I didn't realize it until months later. We can do this. Get fit for our family!