Friday, January 18, 2013

Couch to 5K!

So today I did my week 1 day of my couch to 5K.  I successfully complete the whole program for today and I did not die!!!  My legs may argue back on that one.  But I am happy that I pushed through the god awful side cramps and the burning lungs in this 40 degree weather.  And might i add I successfully did this with two 25 pound toddlers in a city mini double stroller.  So not only was I carrying my 153 pounds of pure awesomeness but also pushing about another 75 pounds along the way!

The program is set to do 3 runs/jogs/walks in a week for the next 9 weeks.  My plan is to still keep up with my p90x but just do that 3 days a week now and then do my couch to 5k program 3 days and have my one day of rest.  Wish me luck.  I am determined to stick to this.  My last workout session I am ashamed to say was back in October.  But before that I was on track doing some sort of exercise for 6 days out of the week.  Then life happened and caused me to come to a screeching stop!

I want to be bikini body ready for the summer.   I plan on s pending the summer in Florida visiting family and hopefully get to meet my new niece or nephew who is due in July!!!!
So that's my story and I am sticking with it!  My husband and i even have the kids joining in.  My oldest two Anthony (12) and Ally (10) have been doing some of the p90x videos with us!  I love that my children are showing interest in not only supporting me and my husband but also taking the initiative and taking control of their health so early on.

I want to instill in my children that it is not skinny mommy is going for.  I want to be healthy.  I explained to them that being the weight I use to be was not safe for my health.  That is why it is so important for me to eat right and exercise.  So they will have a  healthy mommy with energy to keep up with all 6 of them.  I plan on living a long healthy life to see all 6 of them get married and one day have children of their own.  And if they actually have the amount of children they say they want I am even going to need that energy for the many grandchildren I am going to have one day.  Anthony wants about 6 too like us and Ally wants 4!  That's just 2 out of the 6 kids.  My heart and my arms will always be full.

Thank you for reading!!  Now if this mom of 6 can find the time to get her butt in gear and exercise 6 days of week there should be no excuse for anyone else!  Now get up and get moving!!!

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