Thursday, January 24, 2013

And the numbers are in!

      I took my measurements this morning.  I am proud to say I have lost 5 inches in my waist.  YAY me!  Not sure how much I lost in my hips but I am hoping there has been change there too.  I am one of those girls who was blessed with a booty.  So I realize and I have come to grips with the fact that I will never have a small butt.  I am OK with that.  My nickname as a teen from my wonderful brothers was bubble butt.  Which actually upset me.  This was before Jennifer Lopez came around and made the big booty popular.  Flat butts were in and nobody listened to Sir Mix A Lot and did not Like Big Butts!  ;)  My husband loves it so I will not complain too much.  I would like to get it to stop shaking.  I know not the visual you were looking for but it is a visual I see daily that motivates me to keep moving.  I will measure again February 7th.  I am trying to stick with my goal and take these numbers down every 2 weeks instead of depressing myself with the scale. 

     I am also happy to announce I have started eating more to keep up with my new active lifestyle of running.  Still have a way to go but I am doing much better.  Normally at the end of the day after all my eating and exercising I only have 500-600 calories to account for.  Which is not healthy.  Yesterday I ended on over 900 calories.  Doing better.   And I am hoping with the extra eating that it also fuels my energy.

    Target was having a health and fitness sale!!!  So I managed to buy myself one of those core fitness balls (that I will have to educate myself on), a jump rope and two 3 pound weights.   I know the weights are not heavy but I am trying to ease my body into this new thing that it has not seen in years. I do not want my body to go into complete shock.

   Tomorrow I start my week 2 day 1 with the couch to 5k!  I was able to finish day 3 from week 1 yesterday without any cramps or being utterly and completely out of breath! YAY!!  I am very proud of this accomplishment.  I am not so worried about the times right now.  Once i get to the point of running with out having the feeling of passing out then I will focus more on times.

     What do you do to stay fit!?  What is your favorite activity to do?  Did you know you can burn 50 calories in just 5 minutes from jump roping??!!  I did just 5 minutes yesterday and logged it in on my fitness pal and it said I burned 57 calories!!!  I plan on incorporating that into my daily exercise.  It sure does bring back memories when I was a little girl and how I could jump rope with no problem for such a long time.
      Let me take a minute and apologize for grammatical errors and spelling errors.  Well the spelling errors are not that bad.  There is spell check ;)
I am not a professional writer and never really did well at all in English class OK.  This is a diary of my journey from a frumpy over weight mom to a mom with energy to keep up with 6 kids.  So try not to judge me too much.  Thank you!

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