Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My challenge...

      Now that I have started moving my booty in gear and exercising I noticed I had gained 3 pounds.  I know not much but for someone who is working toward losing and has already lost so much.  It is a lot!!

      Very frustrating when I lose over 40 pounds sitting on my butt just watching what I eat.  And the moment I incorporate exercise into my routine I gain 3 pounds.  Hello!!!  I thought exercise was suppose to help you lose not gain!!

     So I did  a bit of research.  Talked to family, friends and my dear sweet friend google helped too.  I know exercise is great for your healthy.   So that's why I do it.  I am bad about taking my weight every single frigging morning.  After I took my weight today I was very upset to see that it had jumped 3 pounds.  My diet is still great and health.  I don't eat passed 6:00 pm and I am not starving myself.  I am eating plenty of good calories and fat to make up for the calories burned with out going overboard.  I sure as heck am not gaining muscle yet.  That would be a miracle to have muscle gain in just 2 days of half jogging and half walking.  If that were true there would be a huge epidemic of joggers out and about everyday.  Just casually jogging away their fat and gaining muscle.  HA!  A girl can dream right?!?

      Anyway!!  Back to my research.  My healthy guru brother told me to weigh myself once a month.  Beginning February 1st I will be weighing myself on the first of every month.  I will also be using a measuring tape and start recording my measurements and I will do that every 2 weeks and logging that. I also took another before photo since I am starting a new routine.  I want to see the transformation of my body through the couch to 5K.  I will post my before and after photo May 11th after I complete my first 5K.  So the next four months are gonna be challenging.  I am hoping to start noticing more of a  difference in my appearance from my reflection in the mirror then with the numbers on the scale.

       I found a 5 pound bag of sugar in my pantry that I had not opened yet and I lifted that.  I could not believe how heavy that little 5 pound bag was.  As I thought about it more and held that bag of sugar I imagined that I was holding 8 of them!!  Next time I go to the grocery store I am going to attempt to hold 8 of them at one time.  Those eight 5 pound bags of sugar are equivalent to the amount of weight I have lost!  That sure put things into perspective for me.

     I also found this pretty gross but amazing photo of the difference of fat and muscle both weighing in at 5 pounds.  Look at this!!!

      Look at the size difference!  Amazing!  The fat is not pretty looking even on the inside!  Yuck!

   OK!  To sum up my new challenge!!  I will only weigh myself once a month on the first of the month.  I am also going to take my measurements with a measuring tape every 2 weeks and finally every 30 days I will be photographing myself from different angles and on May 11th after I complete my first 5K (as long as I have not been driven off in an ambulance from exhaustion) I will post my after picture and hopefully see a difference like in my other before and after photo!  Prayers are welcomed!! ;)

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